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Here is Ethan’s new love: ice skating! 

He loves to go with Grampa and when the ice was good, he went nearly M-F for a couple weeks! 

With all the rain (which got rid of all our snow) yesterday, we are hoping for some nice ice again in the next day or two. 

Ethan was not happy about the rain yesterday and was asking why God sent it. I told him that it might fix the ice if the weather got cold again, then he was thankful!  He prayed, “Thank you Jesus for sending this rain!” immediately. 

Heading out for the first time. Why so somber?


Grampa teaching Ethan


A very happy boy!

There were plenty of falls

But you have to get up

and get up again!

my dad took time out of clearing off the ice to teach Ethan, you can see he was in the process of shoveling....

Grampa clearing ice in background

he's having fun!

Where are the fish?

He's getting the hang of it

And he’s off!



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Winter stuff 2

Here is some pictures from Christmas (which for us ended up being celebrated in New Year’s Day!)

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Winter stuff

Here are some pictures from making a gingerbread house with Ethan:

Ethan loves to cook and really enjoyed making this. He couldn’t wait to surprise Daddy. We hid it in the microwave so Daddy and Caleb would see it in the morning.

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