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A happy morning

We had a nice relaxed morning. I wasn’t stressed, the boys were pretty happy! Ethan was playing with legos on his own; Caleb was cooing the chair. I took a few pictures of us.

I took the picture of the water overflowing to show what I was doing. I forgot about it while taking the pictures!


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Kelly installed our woodstove this spring. We have been enjoying it since it has started to get cold! It can make our house nice and toasty. Here are some pictures of the process.

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Recent pictures

The boy with Ethan is his cousin Brayden from Louisana. They were visiting last month and when I saw Brayden wearing his jacket Sunday morning, I got Ethan’s out too!

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Ethan our musican

Ethan loves making music. Memere and Grampa got him a guitar and an accordian for his birthday. He has a harmonica at their house also. He likes to sit at our piano and play and sing. We have worked with him on trying to match the note we are singing with his voice.

When he was little, music would stop him in his tracks. 🙂 He would run to the instrument that was being played and just stand there still and listen. He is more distracted by others things now, but will still do this from time to time.

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Kelly’s helicopter

Kelly and his brother Darren bought these radio controlled helicopters last week at the Big E.

Caleb seemed to think it was rather funny!

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just in case you didn’t know… you can click on any picture to see it larger.

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Well there’s no ear infection. Just a poor boy sick with a cold! I’m holding him while Ethan watches Snow White. It’s fun to hear him laughing at the dwarfs!

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