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Kelly’s Birthday

Kelly’s birthday is March 30th. Here are a few pictures:



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Sharing the end

My Grampa is dying. We have been going to visit him each day. He appears to be sleeping but as I stay and talk to him, I realize he is listening a lot of the time. He is very weak. He is worn out. It is hard to see him this way. Yesterday he seemed to want to talk. When I would put the sponge with water in his mouth, he would perk up and try to say things.  He said “I love you” a couple times after I told him I love him. He repeated my name and Ethan’s name at my prompting. (Ethan was popping in and out of his room, chattering away) He said “I want to go” and I told him could when he is ready. I told him soon he would be in Heaven and be really at rest. I have been saying I understand he is tired and to just rest. Tuesday I sang “My Wild Irish Rose” for him. I remember as a child he used to have us girls sing it with him. He seemed to recognize it when I sang it.  Tuesday was the first time he said I love you to me. He has been unable to really to communicate with me for months, so it has been very special that he said these things to me.

I miss him and hate to see him this way. I try not to think about it all too much right now because I can make myself really sad. He is a wonderful man and has loved my sisters and me so much. He had such an organized, disciplined life; he was a hard worker; he was a very proud Grampa.

Ethan is not scared to see him at all. He wants Grampa to talk to him. We took pictures of Caleb with him on Monday. Caleb was nervous about it.



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