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Just some old pictures


almost 2 years ago, Erica and Caleb

The duplex before (in July ’95)

kind of scary!

Kelly, Darren, and Dad Andrews

inside shot of old living room, see our old red house out the window!

tearing down the lathe and plaster upstairs

looks a lot better

Well I got carried away with those!

from may 07, Ethan and Big Mac (my parents old dog)

from Nov 07

Ethan and Lilly

Ethan and Bella

In Florida with Memere and Grampa Davis July 07:

at Kennedy Space Center

learning to golf with Grampa

Kate with kittens March 06


Kate  July 05



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Boys at play



Daddy and his boys

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My sister Erica turned 30!

Her birthday is February 29th- Leap Year, so we celebrate on the 28th

The birthday girl, and Ethan who thinks he is the birthday boy at all birthdays!


Jen, Mom, Dad, Erica, and Ethan


Kelly and Caleb, who was sick,


The yummy chocolate cake and ice cream


Caleb who had just thrown up

Ethan who just threw up because he watched Caleb throw up

We did not  know Caleb was sick when we invited everyone over!

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The teens put on another great banquet this year. It had a western theme and everyone seemed to really enjoy it!The adult leaders, Rushes, Blains and Andrews:) are quite involved too.

here are some pictures:







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