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Kelly got the “Build and Grow” projects from Lowes and made them at home with the boys. Lowes has these kids workshops every other week. They are planning on going in a week to do the project at the store.

They had a lot of fun working with daddy especially Ethan. Caleb had a hard time staying on task ­čÖé !

They made a garage for a little wooden car.


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Our Van

We have a new van that we have been driving since late August. We bought it in April, but it had been in an accident and Kelly fixed it up. His brother Darren was a big help and Paul Williams from church helped paint it.

I currently have only before pictures, but I will take after pictures so you can see how nice it turned out!

We had been wanting to get a van and then our car was hit in the WalMart parking lot last January. I will look for a picture of our poor broken car. We are so thankful God provided us with a nice van.

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