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Birthday Boy!

6-12-09 060eI printed off pictures of his birth and talked about how happy we were to have him

6-12-09 0676-12-09 068

6-12-09 069
Sorry for so many pictures, I just loved his expressions in each one!






Here are pictures from his party with family later that afternoon:
6-12-09 086

6-12-09 076

6-12-09 079

6-12-09 092



He loved his M&M cake and it was easy to make!

6-12-09 094

6-12-09 098

All he wanted was “tracks”










I can see the pictures are a bit distorted, I will try to fix them later, it is too late tonight!


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FBCA Graduation 2009

Congratulations Philip and Alexandra!

June 5 2009

6-12-09 055







6-12-09 056







6-12-09 057

A cake that suits them both!

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Life in these parts

Here are a few pictures of what goes on around the Andrews’ house.


6-12-09 026Ethan as a puppy

6-12-09 027

Playing legos happily, then…

6-12-09 034Caleb takes something hostage, in his mouth of course!

6-12-09 046

We all need naps (yes that’s my side of the bed with all the books, I cleared it today!)6-12-09 048



6-12-09 051

 Ethan is very pleased with his new bike helmet!

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Working boys

Philip Rush came over to help Kelly cut up our fire wood. Thanks Philip! Ethan wanted to be right in the middle of it- chainsaw and all!


6-12-09 006

6-12-09 007

6-12-09 008

Someone else wanted to help too!

6-12-09 012

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I started typing this last month, just finished and am happy to share this with you.

Here is what I said at my Grampa’s funeral:

I spent many hours talking to my grampa. He shared so much of his life with me. Here is who he is as I have been told from him.

He was a son first. When I see the pictures of the cute little curly haired boy, it is hard to believe it is him. He had blonde hair like my son Ethan. He was very proud of his parents and loved them dearly. He was proud of his mother being a great cook ,who took care of him (and his brother and father), as a loving mother and a musician. She played the violin. He was proud of his Father as a hard worker-on the farm, as well as building roads, and other to jobs to make ends meet,  as a good soldier (in WWI), and of his father’s gift of languages (he was able to speak at least 4).

He was a brother. He loved and cared for Uncle George his whole life. He had promised his mother he would take care of his brother and he kept his word. They spent many hours working together.

He also was a student. He may not have loved all parts of school, but he loved to learn. He valued education. He loved history and geography especially. He read many books. There were always books next to his chair in living room. He also read the newspaper diligently. He said that you could get a lot of education from reading the newspaper.

He was a serviceman. He enlisted in 1939, shortly after the war started and shortly after his mother’s death. He traveled the world. He sacrificed years of his life fighting for freedom. He was injured twice and received two purple hearts. He was in a Red Cross tent recovering from shrapnel wounds when it was bombed. He ran from it and returned to his group. He made lasting friendships with men he met during his years in the Army. He wrote his war experience down about 5 years ago. We have put a copy in the lobby for you to read.

He was a husband. He met my grandmother Rose shortly after he returned from the war. She was not his date the first time they went out (with others). He asked HER out for the next date. They went roller skating and to the Day and Night diner here in Palmer. They married in March of 1946. He loved her deeply. He liked to sing “My Wild Irish Rose” to her and would have my sisters and me sing along. Last week when I was visiting him, I sang it to him and his eyelids fluttered and he seemed to recognize it. He missed her greatly after her death ten years ago. 

He was a father. He had two boys, as his father had two boys, and right now I have two boys to raise. He was so proud of his sons. When I look at pictures from them growing up, I see him as a proud father. Other pictures show the boys with their mother, but I remember it was him behind the camera, proud of his family. He taught them to work hard. After seeing us with Ethan as an infant, he said he wished had a more active part in his boys’ early years. He wished he had changed diapers and gave them bottles. He was proud of Frank’s attention to detail. He thought of him as a careful worker, making everything turn out just right. He appreciated Frank caring for the farm, and was proud of his mechanical ability. He was proud of my father John for being a diligent, dependable person. He thought of him as hard worker (sometimes worrying that Johnny was working too much!) He was proud of my dad’s sport ability and they shared their love of sports together, especially the Red Soxs. He also loved his daughters in law. He thought of my mother Linda as a daughter and also appreciated all Lori did. She was a friend and caregiver to him.

He was a friend. He loved to socialize. He kept friendships from his school days, from the service, from work, from his neighborhood. He loved to play golf with his friends for many years. He appreciated his friends of all ages. He made friends easily and loved to visit.

He was a hard worker. As I already mentioned, he was a hard worker. He worked at Monsanto for 36 years. He was a faithful worker. He helped many of us with plumbing in our houses. He also helped us fixing other things in our houses . He was diligent in the care of his property. He kept lists of when he mowed the lawns, how many trailer loads of leaves he raked up, how often he snowplowed. He also loved working at Wing Hospital. Gramma had the idea of volunteering and he found such joy in helping everyone. He worked 3 mornings a week for a number of years.

He was a grandfather. Of all these things this relates to me the most personally. About 30 years ago, he became a grandfather. He was a wonderful Grampa! I have such happy memories of his love, support, help, and fun with my sisters and me. He drove me to school, drove to get my Learner’s Permit, he drove me when I was pregnant (he thought I shouldn’t drive!) He loved me and my sisters so much!

  • Tiffany- He loved the “littlest one.” I remember him saying how cute and cuddly Tiff was, always ready for a hug when she was small. He was proud of her musical ability. He also said frequently that he knew she would be a success in her work. He thought of her as diligent, hard working, and talented.
  • Jennifer- He always said how much Jen was like him. He said they liked people, had similar personalities, and even liked the same foods. He often commented on how fun loving Jen is. He loved his fun little blondie that was full of life.
  • Erica- He said Erica was so thoughtful and caring. He remarked to me on how when she was young she always brought Gramma something special: a flower, a picture. He thought of her as a hard worker and a good employee, a dependable person, AND a good driver (remember how he drove me around- what was that saying?)

He welcomed our friends and husbands to the family like his own grandchildren. He took us ALL out to eat, had their pictures in his wallet too, and remembered their accomplishments.

My son Ethan’s birth gave him great joy. He was very proud of his great grandson. After Ethan’s birth, he came over every day, at least an hour, usually, to talk about him, hold him, and see him grow and gain new accomplishments. The two of them were quite taken with each other. Ethan would get so excited to see Grampa each day. I remember when Ethan started babbling, Grampa was sure his “Ah-ga” meant grampa. When my daughter Elizabeth Rose was born premature and died, he was willing to talk about her. It is a difficult situation for people to discuss, and it meant a lot to me for him to acknowledge her by talking about her. He would talk about my two children. Even as his mind was fading, he remembered her. Then, I remember his happiness when I told him I was expecting another boy. He had a twinkle in his eye and said he knew a good name for him- “John!”  My son Caleb John does share his name, being named for his grampa and great grampa.

The past few years, months, and especially days have been very difficult. It has been hard to see his body and mind age and change so dramatically. Last week as I sat with Grampa and sang and talked to him, he told me he loved me. It meant so much to hear him say that to me. I brought my boys with me each day to visit Auntie Lori and M’ Taunte Claire AND to see Grampa.

On Friday, Ethan asked where we were going that day. I said to see Grampa, and he asked if it was to Lori’s Grampa, as opposed to Grampa, my dad, and he asked if it was the Grampa that couldn’t talk. We then were looking at pictures of Grampa that morning before we went up. Ethan saw one of Grampa holding him with a big smile on Grampa’s face. Ethan said excitedly, “Grampa isn’t sick, he is all better.”

Well it is true now. Grampa is not sick. He is all better. He can talk freely again. He is in Heaven.  He is with his beloved wife Rose and other loved ones. He has seen his Savior.

“Absent from the body, present with the Lord”

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