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catching up

so here are some photos of what’s been going on in our life:

Caleb age 2 years 6 months

Caleb playing with trains, one of his favorite things to do

all the Spelko's in Camo- Ethan and Caleb's present to us!

Just realizing that this is ALL the Spelkos in the world, well at least that we know of! We are at Uncle Frank and Auntie Lori’s for Christmas Eve

opening presents Christmas morning

opening their stockings

showing them how it is done!


Good aim Ethan! (age 4 years 6 months)


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Our Van

We have a new van that we have been driving since late August. We bought it in April, but it had been in an accident and Kelly fixed it up. His brother Darren was a big help and Paul Williams from church helped paint it.

I currently have only before pictures, but I will take after pictures so you can see how nice it turned out!

We had been wanting to get a van and then our car was hit in the WalMart parking lot last January. I will look for a picture of our poor broken car. We are so thankful God provided us with a nice van.

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Winter stuff

Here are some pictures from making a gingerbread house with Ethan:

Ethan loves to cook and really enjoyed making this. He couldn’t wait to surprise Daddy. We hid it in the microwave so Daddy and Caleb would see it in the morning.

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Birthday Boy!

6-12-09 060eI printed off pictures of his birth and talked about how happy we were to have him

6-12-09 0676-12-09 068

6-12-09 069
Sorry for so many pictures, I just loved his expressions in each one!






Here are pictures from his party with family later that afternoon:
6-12-09 086

6-12-09 076

6-12-09 079

6-12-09 092



He loved his M&M cake and it was easy to make!

6-12-09 094

6-12-09 098

All he wanted was “tracks”










I can see the pictures are a bit distorted, I will try to fix them later, it is too late tonight!

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FBCA Graduation 2009

Congratulations Philip and Alexandra!

June 5 2009

6-12-09 055







6-12-09 056







6-12-09 057

A cake that suits them both!

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Life in these parts

Here are a few pictures of what goes on around the Andrews’ house.


6-12-09 026Ethan as a puppy

6-12-09 027

Playing legos happily, then…

6-12-09 034Caleb takes something hostage, in his mouth of course!

6-12-09 046

We all need naps (yes that’s my side of the bed with all the books, I cleared it today!)6-12-09 048



6-12-09 051

 Ethan is very pleased with his new bike helmet!

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Working boys

Philip Rush came over to help Kelly cut up our fire wood. Thanks Philip! Ethan wanted to be right in the middle of it- chainsaw and all!


6-12-09 006

6-12-09 007

6-12-09 008

Someone else wanted to help too!

6-12-09 012

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